We Offer Packing Service and Packing Materials

Successful moves start with the right packing.

Century knows exactly the safest, most efficient way to pack each of your items so that they are safe for transit and easy to unpack at your final destination. From your most cherished, fragile family heirloom to the computer equipment for your office, we deliver your goods in perfect condition.

We also know about and can offer solutions for common household items which are hazardous or illegal to ship, as well as high-worth, or large, extremely delicate items which should not go on the moving van.

Because it is our goal for your possessions to travel safely whether or not we pack them, we also provide packing resources to our customers who wish to pack themselves.  However, Century staff are tried and true experts in packing and provide any service you need, including:

  • Full-service packing and crating
  • On-site unpacking after move
  • A la carte packing service for difficult and/or fragile items
  • Specialized packing for sensitive home electronics

A wide selection of box types and packing materials

Call us or click here for a moving quote that includes our packing service.


Ready to start packing yourself?

If you prefer to do your own packing rather than have one of our staff assist you, Century can provide the sturdy, dependable materials that will keep your items safe in transit. We offer competitive rates on packing supplies. Rental is available on some items.

Book cartons (1.5 cu. ft.)

Small, easy-to-handle cartons for heavy items like books, CDs, and DVDs. Individually wrap very old or valuable books. Avoid overloading the carton or making it too heavy.

Medium cartons (3 cu. ft.)

Designed for a wide range of smaller items throughout your home. Ideal for small appliances, tools, non-perishable food or clothing. Pack similar items together for easier unpacking.

Large cartons (4.5 to 6.5 cu. ft)

Very useful for light weight, bulky items, such as pillows, linens and large toys.


Specially designed, highly sturdy cartons that are reinforced with cellular inserts to protect fragile items such as china, glassware, stemware, figurines and sculptures. Label each carton with “Fragile –this end up” to avoid damage.

Wardrobe cartons

Portable closets used to transport your clothing on hangars to stay clean and wrinkle free.

Mirror/picture cartons

Adjustable cartons specially designed to fit mirrors, pictures, and glass tabletops. Each carton has heavy corrugated braces that reinforce each corner.

Mattress cartons

Protects mattresses and box springs from dirt, tearing, and bending. Available from crib to king mattress sizes.

For more information on how to order these items or for pricing, contact us today with your request.